We understand story. We know how to find it, even when it seems like there are none to be had. We know how to look beyond the obvious, to find narrative in data, and figures, to see the magic in the mundane. And we know how to deliver it. We know how to command and sustain attention, how to make the listener lean in and remember, long after the story is over.

Group Training
These group sessions will give you the strategies and tools of effective storytelling and train you to apply them to your current initiatives. Choose from workshops lasting two hours, a half, day, or a full day. For the best effect, we recommend no more than 15 people per session, although we can adapt several of the workshops in to a hour-long talk which can accommodate larger groups.http://storystrategies.net/wp-admin/edit.php

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Team Building
Nothing brings together a team more powerfully than an authentic story. Let us design a team building activity that will use storytelling to inspire, connect, and challenge your employees. Ice breakers, workshops, and or performances
are available. Contact us for a complete list.

One on One Coaching
Private story-coaching is a tremendously useful tool for people within you organization who want individualized attention in order to work on an upcoming presentation; develop a powerful professional story; pitch a funder, persuade a board, or reinforce the lessons taught in one of our workshops. We will custom design a coaching program that’s suits your schedule.

Our coaching sessions can be done via Skype, telephone, Facetime or in person.
Each session lasts 55 minutes, with the exception of the first, which is 1.5 to 2 hours in length. Coaching is most effective if booked in a series of two or three hour sessions, allowing you to experiment with new approaches and techniques and receive feedback from us on a consistent basis.

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Lisa Lipkin, has been a professional storyteller for over thirty years and was the storyteller in residence with The Museum of The City of New York, bringing the city’s rich history to life through the magic of the oral tradition. Let her regale your teams with her mesmerizing tales that will turn even the soberest adults in to smiling children again. Wall Street Folklore and Legends, Ghost stories, Transformation and change narratives, and tailor-made shows are all available. Please contact us for more details.

Key Note Talks

Inspire, educate, and entertain listeners with a riveting keynote address by Lisa Lipkin. Her decades of experience performing internationally, coupled with her experience as a story strategist, have made her a sought after speaker.  Choose from a variety of storytelling-related subjects including:

    • The Value of Power of Storytelling
    • Using Stories to Sell
    • Reauthorizing your organizational Story
    • Storytelling for Scientists: Making facts, numbers, and data come to life
    • Storytelling Strategies for Cultivating a Personal Brand
    • Say it: Why women can’t tell their stories
    • Becoming Authentic

Video Portraits — ‘In About a Minute’

We know how to capture your employees’ most meaningful stories in about a minute, revealing who they are, not just what they do. Individuate your company from the competition by revealing the authentic stories of the people that work for you and the values they bring to the workplace. Great for on-boarding and recruitment, new client acquisition, and employee engagement. We’d love to help you create an emotionally meaningful video that will be unforgettable.



Bob Bragar | Immigration attorney
Bob wanted a way to promote his legal practice. Rather than sharing his resume, we shared his personal story.


 | The Dutch Development Bank
The HR department at the Dutch Development Bank wanted to let new employees know who they would be working with. This profile of Sanna Syed-Butt was one of the videos included in their On-Boarding package.

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