Lisa Lipkin, CEO of Story Strategies, helps you find and tell your story so powerfully, no one will forget it. See her latest news.

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There is no greater way to bring your message to life than through the power of a good story. Lisa knows this deep in her bones. Story Strategies was founded in 2008 by Lisa Lipkin, a professional storyteller, who wrote and performed original stories internationally for over twenty-five years..


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NEW – Video stories of your employees ‘IN ABOUT A MINUTE’

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We know how to capture your employees’ most meaningful stories in about a minute, revealing who they are, not just what they do. Individuate your company from the competition by revealing the authentic stories of the people who work for you and the values they bring to the workplace. Great for on-boarding and recruitment, new client acquisition, and employee engagement. We’d love to help you create an emotionally meaningful and unforgettable video.

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Bob BragarImmigration attorney
Bob wanted a way to promote his legal practice. Rather than sharing his resume, we shared his personal story.



FMO | The Dutch Development Bank
The HR department at the Dutch Development Bank wanted to let new employees know who they would be working with. This profile of Sanna Syed-Butt was one of the videos included in their On-Boarding package.

We created a Storytelling for Scientists program for Colgate Palmolive.

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Colgate Palmolive employs the world’s brightest scientists to help them innovate.  But connecting scientists with marketing and other non-technical teams can feel like mixing oil and water.  Colgate asked us to help bridge the gap between the two camps through storytelling training.

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We helped HR persuade candidates to work for Aramco by finding and telling new narratives.

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Even the world’s largest oil company doesn’t always attract the talent it wants. Convincing candidates to live and work in the Middle East has been challenging for Aramco Overseas. That’s where storytelling can help, acting as the ultimate persuader. We recently visited their offices in London, and trained members of the HR team in new ways of enticing and inspiring new prospects and hires.

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Lisa helped female attorneys gain confidence.

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Even females at the highest levels within their firms often lack confidence to tell their stories.

We worked with attorneys at CMS, helping them become more authentic by identifying and communicating who they are, not just what they do.

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