Colgate’s R and D division is filled with the country’s brightest scientists, continually pushing the boundaries of innovation. And yet. there’s often a disconnect between the language of science and that of marketing and sales. That’s where storytelling strategy can help. We created a Storytelling for Scientists program that gave their researchers the tools to reorganize their facts, figures and data within a compelling narrative structure. And we helped them practice their skills on non-technical employees, honing their delivery, teaching them to simplify concepts, and engendering them with the confidence of stage actors.

“I did not expect it, but Lisa taught me how to listen. She provided me with the tools to uncover the most valuable parts of my work and taught me how to make deeply human and meaningful connections with my peers, sr. Management, friends and family..”
Michael P. Robinson, Researcher

Scientists not only felt liberated by this new approach, but they also created a new paradigm for their presentations, They simplified complex data, made the facts more story-friendly, and gave themselves a license to have fun while disseminating information.

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