When Aegon asked Story Strategies to help them collect the stories of their employees internationally, we met the challenge with considerable cynicism. After all, how exciting could a retirement counselor be, we wondered? What could we possibly learn from a call center supervisor or an insurance adjustor?

How wrong we were.

Regardless of where we went—whether it was the historic offices in Budapest or the art filled offices of The Hague or the myriad sites we visited in Spain, the UK, or the USA, employees consistently surprised us with stories that revealed their empathy, compassion, imagination, and integrity.



MarkDyaneThe Results Surprised Aegon too.

The year long project resulted in a printed book that was distributed internally.  Although originally reluctant to share such raw, personal stories with its employees, Aegon was surprised and deeply moved by the response of its readers. Employees began thanking management for allowing them the chance to share their personal stories, to give voice to a part of themselves that no one had ever bothered to ask them about. They felt listened to, a fact that gave them added incentives to continue bringing integrity and energy to their work.

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Aegon loved the stories so much, they shared some of their favorite ones with the general public through podcasts on their website.

The published book, WE ARE AEGON,  has been translated into four languages so far, and the upcoming English and Dutch prints will be adorned with their own ISBN numbers.

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